Puppy Primary School

You have just got your new puppy home.  You want them to be a happy, well behaved, friendly, well socialised, and confident dog. You want to enjoy long walks through the park, have a calm and well mannered dog in the house, who greets all other dogs and people nicely and listens to you at all time.

Ahhh the dream.

From Puppy Primary Classes you and your pup will learn the skills you need for this dream life. Including how to get them to listen to you in many situations, teaching your puppy how to be well behaved no matter where you go, growing your confidence with tackling any challenges your dog may have, ignoring all kinds of distraction and much more.

So, you are able to have a well behaved pup which you can take anywhere, around anyone with the confidence they will be a calm and pleasant dog to be around.






5 Weekly Classes

5 x 1 hour group classes to learn and build your confidence with training skills.

Online video lonk.webp

Access To Training Academy

Full access to Gracious Dog Online Training Academy. Filled with bonus videos  and resources to help excel your training and with your common puppy problems.

Weekly Checkins

Individual out of class support and progression training. Plus direct contact to me with any of your struggles.


Any Time Support

Any problem and time.

Call me anytime with any problems and you will get all the support you need for your struggles.

No matter if its weeks, months or years after. I'm here for you.

Full access to The Training Academy.

Full of bonus videos and training recourse to super charge your training.

New Puppy Primary School Classes are regularly starting. So you never have to wait too long to start your puppies training. 

BUT due to the small sizes of the classes they fill up FAST! 

To start training your 12 weeks + puppy, click below to book your place in the next class.