What's With The Whistle?

We have all seen them and thought “OMG how do they do that?” They just blow the whistle and their dog comes galloping to them. No matter what! Mid squirrel chase…Still come back. Playing with other dogs … Still come back. All the way across the other side of the park … Still come back.

That whistle must have some magic power that makes their dog come back! Its simply effortless and you want that magic to work on your dog.

So, you head out to the pet shop and get yourself a whistle. Rush out with your dog to try it. Blow the whistle….and nothing. You dog gives you and odd look and seconds later carries on with what mischief they were up to. No change there. The magic didn’t work. You sack off the useless whistle and yet again start the endless game of cat and mouse to try get your dog to come back to you.

You wish that your dog will come back to you when you whistle them! You just want to know how on earth It works and how you can use this magic whistle on your dog.

Well I’m going to tell you why the whistle is so magical and how you can start to get your dog coming back to the whistle.

So, what’s so different with the whistle?

I’m sure you remember the loud and very district noise of the school whistle. Getting hundreds of chattering school children to stop talking and paying attention. This whistle has two main features of it which is the same as the dog whistle. These two features make highly effective. So firstly, the whistle is load. Why is it load! It needs to grab attention of your dog, travel across the park or large fields and cut through other noises. The second is that it has a distinct meaning. The same as a fire alarm, the whistle has one meaning “Come back”. Your dog knows that they need to come back to you as soon as they hear the distinct sound of the whistle. The same way you know to exit a building as soon as you hear any fire alarm.

How does my dog know they whistle means “Come Back”?

However, your dog doesn’t instinctive know that the whistle means “Come Back”. Like all other dog training we must teach them that it means that. So how do you teach your dog to come back to the whistle? Well rewarding your dog when they her the sound of the whistle. Blow the whistle and give your dog a tasty treat. Starting off in your home where there are minimal distractions for your dog. When your dog realises that they get a yummy treat every time they hear the whistle, they will come running through the house to find you.

Over time you can start to build up how far away your dog is from you when you blow the whistle or the intensity of the distractions your dog has. With some time, practice and patience your dog will soon be galloping back to you at the blow of a magical whistle.

Keep it gracious


The Gracious Dog Academy

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