What can COVID-19 teach us about dog training ?

Many of us like to look for the silver linings in life, especially the not so nice times of life. Covid-19 is one of them not so nice times in life.

But many of us looking for the silver linings and the bright side. Which there are many of. From the relentless work of frontline workers to the hard work of everyone who are keeping the country still running, to everyone doing their bit and staying at home, to everyone doing what they can to raise money for charity and so many more.

As a nation, we have been apricating daily by sharing all of the feel-good stories. Focusing on the good which has come out of this. And this is what you should be doing in our dog training. Focusing on the good.

When training our dogs often focus on the bad which they are doing and wanting to stop them.

But our dogs do an awful lot of good things, which we just ignore. Not showing any acknowledgement to, let alone apricate it.

Why should we be acknowledgement the good?

Your dog does so much good stuff thought their day which we like them doing but when we don’t appreciate. Meaning your dog won't do as much. Why should they if they don’t get any recognition for it. Simply your dog will do more of the good stuff if we give them the appreciation which they deserve.

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