Mask Or No Mask?

I’m not a public health scientist so I can’t comment on whether or not we should be all wearing mask to keep our self’s and others safe. But I can comment on your dogs and masks.

No, I’m not going to start telling you to make your dogs wear a mask to keep them safe. They cannot even catch the virus.

But with the government potentially giving us some new guidance soon, other countries wearing making masks mandatory when being outside and people travelling more but still wanting to be safe. Mask wearing may become more popular. Meaning we will be seeing a lot more people wearing different kinds of face masks.

This can confuse, scare or worry our dogs. Especially if they have never seen a person wearing a mask before. After all, it covers up half of our face, each one looks strange plus the already strange way people have been acting already with social distancing. If your dog does easily become scared and confused by people wearing a mask, then it could cause some problems. Your dog may not want to go near these people to walk past them, try to get away from them or start barking at them.

So, getting your dogs used to seeing people wearing masks will make your walks a lot easier. Your dog will be happier.

Simply wearing a mask around your home, do stuff with your dog while you’re wearing the mask and letting your dog investigate the mask. Generally getting them used to seeing the mask on people faces and making sure they are not scared or confused by them before we all start wearing them around.

Time to go dig out a face mask or even better make your own doggy one like me.

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