Home Alone Hounds

Finally, we are starting to carefully get back to normality.

As some of us are starting to head back to work after about 8 weeks. Yes, that’s right, 8 long weeks where we have been at home with our dogs. Cuddling them all day, taking them on plenty of long walks and having them back in the background of our many work calls.

It has been a very long time and they will be more than used to us spending all day every day with them.

But how are they going to react when we go back to work. Not being able to have us there ll day to adhere to their every demand for a cuddle, walks and play. Although many dogs cope extremely well when left alone. And if they are anything like my dog, Esta, they just sleep all day long while I'm out. But some struggle to cope when alone. Become anxious and stressed out.

Causing destruction through the house as they chew, scratch and rip the walls, doors, furniture, cushions, clothing and much more. Toileting all over the house. Barking and crying the house down. Or Simply panicking while they wait for you to come home.

Although your dog might not have shown any signs of separation anxiety in the past. They may have gotten used to this new way of stay at home living and become a lot more bonded to you. Now, this new bond is about to be broken as you start to head back to full days at work.

But there are many things which you can do for your dog to keep them settled when left alone. This isn’t just for dogs which already show separation anxiety but for all dogs, especially after our lives have been flipped upside down over the last few months.

So I've put together some help sheets to get our dogs ready for when we go back to work. To ensure that they are happier and relaxed when we leave them. Even if you aren’t going back to work yet there is still the thing you could be starting today to get your dog ready.

Click the links below for your Home Alone Hounds help sheet.

Increasing the time your dog is left alo
Download • 50KB

Preparing your dog for being left alone
Download • 16KB

Signs your dog is stresssed when left al
Download • 330KB

There is never a better time like the present to train your dog to get used to things like being left alone for a few hours, as you never know when it will come in handy.

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