Ditch The Bowl

We have all done it. Yes, even me.

It is just so quick, easy and convenient.

Feeding your dog from a bowl makes ‘din dins’ a breeze. There is no faff, mess or hassles. In the same amount of time it takes you to prep it, your dog has gobbled it all up.

As your dog scoffs their easy meal, your satisfied they have enjoyed every single piece.


You can make your dogs din dins much more interesting and proactive for you and your dog. Making din dins more interesting and proactive for your dog wont only be more fun for your dog but it will also help them become better behaved.

‘Din din’ games and activities allow your dogs to use their natural built in skills. From foraging, digging, ripping and puzzle solving. Which won’t only be incredible fun for your dogs but will give them a mental and physical work out. Helping solve the 2 main reason for naughty dogs, boredom and excess energy.

Simply by using ‘din dins’ to tier out your dog and give them a fun activity to keep them entertained can stop a lot of them naughty behaviours. From nocking the bin over to steal food, ripping up socks, and digging holes in the garden. As your dog will be using their brain proactively to get the most important thing, food.

As well as using your dog food in fun games and activities to entertain them and tier them out you can also use it very effectively when training them. From brushing up on some old skill or teaching them a new trick. Their food makes a great reward for training. Especially if it has been taken out of their daily ‘din dins’ amount.

To learn more about ditching the bowl and how you can use your dogs ‘din dins’ to have more fun with your dog, let them use their built in natural skills, stop naughty behaviours, improve your training and bond more with your dog.

Then check out my YouTube series on Ditching The Bowl NOW!


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