Unfortunately, I must talk about the big C word now. I know many of you will be fed up of hearing about it and many of you are highly concerned about it. But no matter how you feel about it we all must do our part to help keep everyone healthy and well. We are going through a lot of changes and these wills will affect my business and my clients. So please be prepared for business/ service changes if they are needed.

At this current moment, not many changes are in place. Business is running as normal with walks, home training and classes still going ahead. But please read all the sections below for current procedures and potential changes which may come into place.

If any major changes do come into place, I will contact all who will be directly effected individually.

Dog Walks

All walks are carrying on as normal this week. I am regularly using hand sanitisers and cleaning my hand between dogs. Especially when entering and leaving each dogs home.

If anyone starts self-isolate, please let me know as soon as possible. There can be arrangements made for your dog to still be walked however you will have a change to your dogs normal walking time, and they may be a lot later then usual. However, this will be on an individual basis.

Home Training

Currently home training is carrying on as normal procedure.

If you currently have any booking with me and you do have to start self-isolating, then I am able to either reschedule or provided video calling appointments.

Soon online consultations will be available for people still wishing to train their dog during this uncertain time. A full online communication home training option will soon be available.


Classes currently still running, but there will be extra protocols in place for classes to reduce the risk on transition. All these changes will be sent to all those currently attending classes.

But if you are self-isolating or ill, please do not attend the classes. If you will not be attending classes, please contact me as soon as possible. Pre-recorded training videos and video calls will be available for you so that you don’t miss out anything covered in the class.

If gatherings are cancelled, then an online version of the lesson will be available for all missed classes for those currently attending classes.

Throughout this outbreak I will be ensuring I am on top of hygiene between clients and ask that my clients take their hygiene seriously when seeing me. As this will minimise the risk of transmission between all my clients and their families.

I am already seeing the effects of this on many small businesses, especially those in the pet services. Many people will be effected by this in the coming weeks and months.

But we will get through this by working together and supporting each other. So I ask you all to consider others especially those running small business which will be impacted by this, like myself.

Although I am trying my best to not let this effect any of my service, so i can keep helping and supporting you and your dogs.

If you have any other questions , please contact me at

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