Turn Your Nightmare Walks Into Tranquil Treks

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    Recall Rescue

    Stop chasing your dog around the park! Screaming their name and looking like a fool trying everything possible to get their attention, including waving your treats in the air. Just to be ignored!

    Your walks are stressful and embarrassing. As your dog run off, chasing every dog, person, squirrel or sheep in sight. But this can soon become incredibly dangerous situation. As your dog dives into traffic, charges into the wrong dogs face or into the wrong farmers field of sheep. 

    We can all see how wrong these situations can easily gets. Potentially leading to broken hearts.

    Avoid all these worries by getting your recall rescued today.  Build your dogs new recall. Where they not only dart back to you at your first call, But learn how to keep your dog close to you when off lead and never straying too far. Ignoring all the tempting distractions. Giving you the confidence to let your dog off lead for relaxed and worry free walks. For both you and your dog.

    • 4 x 1 Hour Private Home Training

    • Online Support Video (24/7 access)

    • Weekly Homework Write Up And Training Plan

    • anytime Phone and email Support

    • Lifetime support

    Price - £150​

  • Walking the Dog

    Lead Love

    Do you dream of a lovely, relaxed walk through the park with your dog?

    Not being dragged to say hello to every dog in sight, pulled off your feet to chase a squirrel or stopping every meter for a 20 min sniff all the lamppost. 

    You are always in a pulling war with your dog, who forgets you are attached to the lead. Making walks through the park a nightmare as you struggle to keep control. Not to mention the pain to your arm and your dog’s neck as they choke them self to pull to the next dog. 

    You can achieve your dream of a walk with your dog, happily strolling by your side. Enjoying a relaxed stroll without contently bracing yourself to be dragged to the next dog that comes into sight. 

    Learn how to keep your dog walking by your side, not pull to every dog or person in sight and getting your dog to listen to you.

    • 4 x 1 Hour Private Home Training

    • Online Support Video (24/7 access)

    • Weekly Homework Write Up And Training Plan

    • Any Time Phone and email Support

    • Lifetime Support

    Price - £150​

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