Turn Your Hell Hound Into A Gracious Dog

Struggling to cope with your hell hound. Making your life stressful and full of worry as you struggle to manage them through the day to day life?
Do you dread the walk from hell with your barking and lunging dog as soon as any other dog or person is in sight?
Does your dog turn into a devil dog as soon as people enter your house? Launching themselves all over them and constant barking in their face.
Heart broke every time you leave your dog alone at home, while they howl the house down and destroy everything, whenever you leave them.

Owning a dog can be hard at times when they throw these difficult and confusing behaviours at you. Not knowing why they are doing it or how to stop them from doing it, is very stressful for you both. No matter what treats you chuck at them or methods you use to stop them, they carry on more than ever. Getting worse each time.
Hell hound to gracious dog training is for you. You know deep down you have a gracious dog who can be calm, polite and pleasant when they want. But sometimes that hell hound surfaces and you struggle to control them.

Training calm and pleasant behaviors for all life's daily challenges.

Through friendly and knowledgeable bespoke training you and your dog will learn how to reduce these reactions when they happen. Training that not only teaches you how to control your hell hound but prepares them to be a gracious dog in the situation.

With training that prepares you both to face these real-life struggle any time, full of confidence and positivity. You will learn how to train your dog using force-free, fun, engaging, effective, modern-day training methods to help turn your beloved dog's weakness into strengths.

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